Monthly Archives: February 2015

some creepy squid that lives in the ocean

Don’t go in the ocean, kids.




Pole Position with my boy

Drove go karts with my kid. So much fun. He’s the one in the front waving with the white shirt.

I should have taken more pics. These were kind of lame.



IMG_2912 IMG_2911

I saw this outside in my backyard today.

Yeah, we’re buds.






I wish I did this but i didn’t.

I was cold at work today



and then i felt a little rebellious





and this is stupid. Sorry.

I miss this game



What a timesuck. So much fun though. Can’t believe they haven’t announced the next iteration of this – i will be all over it.

My son’s movie trailer

He did this by himself on iMovie. Zero help from me. I didn’t even know he knew how to use the program.

It’s about his favorite stuffed animal he’s had since his grandpa brought it to the hospital the day he was born.





this was for 4 people. Awesome.