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I saw this on a license plate this morning…





And I thought to myself:

I love Jazz too.

Don’t you guys?


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Horror of my youth

I love horror movies- good, bad, doesn’t matter. I found a website that had me waxing nostalgic about the horror movies of my youth.

My parents taking me to the video store- yes those existed, to you young people out there, and heading straight to the horror section to see what awful video case art and the video stills on the back would fuel my nightmares that night.

Fortunately for me–though i didn’t think that at the time–my parents wouldn’t let me rent these too often. But the covers were burned into my brain.

We would rent a new release and go home. I would forget about those exciting and terrifying covers that would make my imagination go crazy.

Until I went to bed. They would then violently surface in my brain like a botfly larvae out of the side of a neck (hey we are talking about horror here–let me enjoy using this comparison).

I’d thought i’d share a few.

mausoleum danish vhs front & back2

laserblast vhs front2

happy birthday to me vhs front & back2

gore met zombie chef from hell british vhs front

corpse grinders dvd3

shriek of the mutilated vhs front2

Ha! Shriek of The Mutilated. What a great name for a movie.

mutilator vhs front

Mutilate is an effective word. You know what you’re going to get. The were a lot of these 80’s flicks that utilized the word “mutliate”. Disturbingly that masses want to see at lot of it.

deathdream vhs front & back

Really bad art for the cover of this one- but I never forgot it. Pretty solid movie too. Bob Clark, who directed this, also wrote and directed A CHRISTMAS STORY.

That Gorgon Video logo is sooo sweet. I want a tshirt with that on it.




I have to try this killer tie knot


Now I just need a reason to put on a tie.

New instagram pics

Arnie pic day 4th in a series

arnie on conan set


one of my favorite movies. Still holds up pretty good.