Monthly Archives: June 2012

I entered a contest

Had to make a commercial from the footage provided. I liked what I did last night but now I watched it this morning and there is something I would have fixed. Darn. Doing stuff late at night can be a bad idea. Oh well. I’ll have to live with it.

With what they supplied I didnt think it was bad for 2 hours worth of work.

I’ll put it up here once it’s allowed. I’ve got to get people to vote on it if it makes past the first cut. We’ll see.


IMDB needs to do this again

Couple of years ago IMDB did a cool fake movie poster contest. The bad part: it was voted on by your peers. You had enough people to vote for you, you’d win. I didn’t. But I had to do something. I got my dog to snarl and made up this horror movie. Why havent they thought of something like this yet?



Oldie but goodie

old SNL sketch when Jim Belushi was a regular.  One of my faves. Terrible quality, but the only one i could find-



What do i blog about? Arrghhh!!!!!

I’ve got to figure out what content to put up here.

make this interesting yo-

Prometheus End Credits Mystery

This image shows up after the credits. Check out the corresponding website along with this link:

It will explain all sorts of fun stuff. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one. is a pretty robust site with games and interactive maps, etc. Very cool.